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How to Send Money to Russia

My husband has started posting useful links on his blog. Well, here are my 2 cents.

How to send money to Russia? Western Union is a well-known and reliable service, but pricy. Some women who want to send money to Russia to their parents and relatives, open a separate checking account and send a check card to Russia. Very insecure, in my opinion.

We use iKobo. We have discovered this service several years ago, when they just started. Their rates are very low. To send $100 to Russia costs only 3 bucks.

First time when you send money, iKobo sends a pre-paid VISA card to your recipient (for free unless you want urgant delivery.) Then, you just fund money to that account, and almost immediately your recipient can withdraw money from any ATM machine.


  • I have met a Russian Lady and would like to send her funds to purchase a computer...I read on another blog...somewhere???...that it was illegal to send funds to Russia. Is this true? I would think that money pumped into the economy would be invited. If anyone knows the law concerning this matter, your comments would be greatly appreciated.

    By Blogger dlt, at 12:56 AM  

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